Our first official product review by Cycle Matters! just reviewed our product and we are excited about sharing the results.  To read the entire review, Click Here

Here’s an excerpt:

Cycle Wipes leave motorcycles’ soft surfaces clean without scratches

January 25, 2012

Why do Cycle Wipes work?

The multi-purpose, non-woven, wet wipe fabric is designed for motorcycle riders who want gentle cleaning and removal of bug guts and road grime from motorcycle helmets, visors, face shields, and windshields.  Cycle Wipes are also great for cleaning bug-blasted headlights and turn signals.

Do you know a motorcyclist that does not want to provide the best care of the surface of his or her motorcycle? Actually I do know of several, but this review is for the other 99.9 percent who want to clean without leaving surface scratches.

Our first official product review from!

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