Simply an easy way, and the best way, to clean your motorcycle helmets visor and face shield.

Finally, a simple solution to, “How do I clean my visor?”   How To Video

WIPE then BUFF…  & RIDE!  2 steps and 30 seconds to a bug-free visor.  12 soapy wet wipes per pack. Clean your visor, face-shield, lights, and bike.  Re-sealable, safe, and gentle.  Use around camp and for general clean-ups.

Cycle Wipes are compact, re-sealable, (12/pack) and highly effective multi-purpose wet wipes, designed specifically for motorcycle riders who need anytime, anywhere, gentle cleaning and removal of bug guts and road grime. Wipe off the bugs, Buff while damp to a clear finish, and Ride!   Cycle Wipes® ultra soft non-abrasive fabric is a leap in innovation and convenience.   They are perfect for cleaning up your helmets bug blasted visors,  motorcycle shields, headlights, turn signals and your bike!    Also, great for general cleanup, around camp, or where ever you need a gentle soapy cloth.

Cycle Wipes® are simply the best way to easily clean your visors and face shields.    More info



Endorsed by  Helge Pedersen of GlobeRiders ®   I have known David Swezey for many years as the general manager at Ride West BMW here in Seattle. When he asked me to try out a new product that he has developed and now taken to market it was my pleasure to give the CycleWipes a test. It just so happened that I was on my way to ride from Cape Town, South Africa, to Cairo, Egypt.  Read More

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  • No more dirty, wet, stinky rags!
  • No more leaky liquids to carry along!
  • No more bulky bottles, sprays, or packaging!
  • and…no more dirty visors…See and Be Seen!
  • Gentle, safe, and durable – Bugs don’t stand a chance!
  • Compact – Easily stored in a pocket, purse, or tank bag!
  • Convenient – Grab a wipe and use it anytime, anywhere!
  • Pre-moistened – No water in sight, no problem!
  • Handy – Packaged in a 12-count re-sealable travel pack!
  • Multi-purpose – A clean, dry wipe makes a great buffing cloth!