Why use Cycle Wipes?  Simply – Wipe, Buff & Ride!

  • No more dirty, wet, stinky rags!
  • No more leaky liquids to carry along!
  • No more bulky bottles, sprays, or packaging!
  • and…no more dirty visors…See and Be Seen!
  • Gentle, safe, and durable – Bugs don’t stand a chance!
  • Compact – Easily stored in a pocket, purse, or tank bag!
  • Convenient – Grab a wipe and use it anytime, anywhere!
  • Pre-moistened – No water in sight, no problem!
  • Handy – Packaged in a 12-count re-sealable travel pack!
  • Multi-purpose – A clean, dry wipe makes a great buffing cloth!
Simple, Compact, Convenient, and Gentle.  Use anytime, anywhere.

What makes Cycle Wipes “Unique?”  There are a lot of motorcycle products on the market today that you can clean your motorcycle helmet visor with, but most, if not all, require that you carry bottles, sprays, and rags which are bulky and take up a lot of room in your tank bag or pocket.  Cycle Wipes combines these items together in a small, soft, compact, and re-sealable 12-count pouch which is easily carried in a pocket, tank bag, or purse.

Are they big enough to get the job done?  You bet!  Each wipe is approximately 4″x8″ when unfolded.  One wipe will typically clean your motorcycle helmet, visor or shield, then when re-folded it can be used to clean your headlight and turn signals.  Unfortunately many motorcycle riders ignore cleaning their lights during a ride because it is challenging enough to keep your visor clean.   Having clean, bright lights is a must for safety, even during the day, so using CycleWipes makes the process simple so you can see and be seen.

Is the formula safe for my sensitive visor or shield?  Definitely.  Our formula contains water, a gentle “sudsy” cleaning solution to break up the bug carcasses, no harmful alcohol, and is ammonia free so it is safe to use on plastic, acrylic, and glass surfaces. Our wipes contain three times the weight of solution for each fabric so they stay wetter longer, especially in hot weather, which is when you really get bug-blasted.  Cycle Wipes are not recommended for use with visor inserts or Iridium visors due to their softness and/or sensitivity.

What is the best way to use Cycle Wipes?  Start with a clean, fresh wipe, then gently remove any excess dirt or grime from the motorcycle helmets visor or shield surface.  Wipe your visor or shield vertically to loosen up  and remove the bugs.  Note:  In extreme circumstances, it is best to lay the wipe directly on the visor for a few minutes and let the solution soften up the dried bugs.  Wiping vertically is highly recommended because over time, no matter how careful you are, you will get micro scratches.  If you do get a vertical scratch your eyes will look around it but with a horizontal scratch, your eyes will track it side to side.  For a simple demonstration, try this exercise.  Hold your hand up in front of your eyes horizontally, then vertically.  Which one is easier to see around?

Do I need to buff the surface after I use Cycle Wipes?  Our fabric is super soft and lint free, plus the small amount of alcohol in our formula helps minimize streaking, so only if needed.  Most motorcycle riders carry a small micro-fiber cloth in addition to bulky rags but here’s a helpful tip;  Because our fabric is so soft, if you remove a clean wipe, allow it to dry, you can then use, and re-use it all day as a buffing cloth!

Will they dry out?  CycleWipes are packaged in a re-sealable pouch that helps retain their moisture.

How long will a pack of Cycle Wipes last me?  Obviously it depends on how long, and how far you ride your motorcycle each day (plus how much fun you’ve had squishing bugs) but typically a single pack of wipes is good for a month of weekend rides.  We recommend carrying an extra pack just in case you run into a swarm of B29 bugs, and besides, it is fun to share especially after your riding buddies see how quickly and easier you just cleaned your visor!

Thank you for taking the time to find out more about Cycle Wipes.

If you have additional questions send them to us at: or visit our Contact Us page.