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I have known David Swezey for many years as the general manager at Ride West BMW here in Seattle. When he asked me to try out a new product that he has developed and now taken to market it was my pleasure to give the Cycle Wipes a test. It just so happened that I was on my way to ride from Cape Town, South Africa, to Cairo, Egypt.

As I say in the video normally I use a towel or some rag to clean my visor. With the CycleWipes I immediately dedicated the inside pocket of my Klim Badlands Pro riding suit. This was were it lived for the full journey and I used it on a regular basis. At the beginning I was a little skeptical to the locking mechanism (resealable label) and thought that I would end up with dried out wipes. We traveled through all sorts of climates and terrain and through it all the CycleWipes kept to their promise, they stayed moist and clean ready for the next cleaning.

I made this little video as a thank you to David for his great work getting this product to market. I am not paid by him or anyone to endorse the CycleWipes, just appreciative of a good friend making a great product.

Try it out for yourself and let David know what you think.

One little tip that I found helpful was to have a dried out wipe to dry the visor with after a good cleaning.